By: Beverly André Davis

The old devil surveyed his mighty kingdom of fire. He was rather proud of himself. He was king of all the destruction he surveyed. But he was not satisfied. He wanted to conquer the world and he knew exactly how he was going to conquer it- he would simply destroy it.

He called  in his Chief Assistant.

In came Anger “Let me go and destroy man” pleaded Anger with much enthusiasm.

Next spoke Lust “I will defile man’s mind. I will make love disappear and people will be turned into beasts.

Up sprung Greed. “Allow me  to go and I will instil in people’s hearts the more destructive of all passions. Their own uncontrollable desire will destroy them.”

The twins Gluttony and Drunkenness came and told how they would make people’s bodies deceased and their minds besotted.

Envy, Jealousy and Hate each told how excellent they were at destructive behaviours.

Idleness came and claimed that he  would do the job better than any of the other assistants.

The devil was not satisfied with any of them.

Finally, his last assistant came in. “ I shall talk to people about how fine their plans are. I will be persuasive in terms of all God wants them to be. I shall tell them how fine their plans are  to be, honest, clean and brave. I shall encourage them in the good purposes of their life.”

Enraged. The devil leapt up “What! You fool. How are you going to tell them to be good. I want to destroy them not turn them good.”

“Calm down” said the confident assistant and listen carefully. I shall tell them there is no hurry. They can do all of these things tomorrow. I shall advise them to wait until conditions become more favourable before they start.”

The devil smiled broadly. His eyes glistened “You are the smartest of all my assistants. You shall go on earth to destroy all of humankind.

Procrastination smiled “Let them put off doing  until tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” his laughter resounded throughout the world.


You want to start something. A project, an activity, putting  your ideas into practice but you keep putting it off. You keep reminding yourself to do it later. Later turns into tomorrow, tomorrow becomes the end of the week, a week becomes a month, a month turns into two months, two months turn into six months, soon it is a year and later becomes the beginning of a New Year. The old years night find you in church on your knees  welcoming a New Year with the old year resolution on your new years lips and a solemn prayer in your heart as you chant your resolution like a mantra. But your heart knows that you are “going to be all things tomorrow.”

Just jump right in and do it! Don’t leave it for tomorrow.

Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. You will be amazed at what you can achieve if you make a start and keep going at it relentlessly.

Many good deeds have been left undone because we keep putting  them off. We are afraid to try. We fill our minds with thoughts of failure.

Plunge into that task which you have been putting off. As you fight to succeed believe in a power greater than you that will pull you over the rough places to the finishing line.