By Beverly André Davis

For many people in their thirties and upwards the stomach is one of the most difficult areas to lose weight and keep consistently flat. if you fall into that age bracket you might have experienced the constant struggle with fat in the midriff and the constant yo-yo diet syndrome: losing weight followed by feeling great, caressing the waist line, beaming with pride and sense of accomplishment as you tighten your belt and feel it fit snuggly on your waist line. Sometimes you are even pleasantly surprise that you have a waistline. You had all but forgotten it’s existence. After several months your caressing hand comes across a bump and then another. You wonder when and how had it crept back. You are baffled. You all but forgot your love for mayonnaise; treating yourself to a large pizza after a hard day’s work, the quick take-away, the fries soaked in oil and of course Sunday deserts of ice-cream and a large cake plus a few extras.

Rick,  an accountant who had battled with a punch and a yo-yo diet for six and a half years  finally changed his method and lost six inches in twelve weeks; gave the following advise:

*Eat low fat meals that are nutritious. It is important that these meals are enjoyable so you will not feel deprived and be tempted to gorge on enjoyable foods.

*Healthy low fat snacks ward off hunger pangs.

*If you have the time it may be a good idea to cook your own low fat nutritious but enjoyable meals.

*Exercise regularly.

“I guarantee” said Rick “that you will be able to keep off your middle fat permanently. Although it is popularly believed that it is a losing battle to lose your potbelly permanently; people can and do get rid of unwanted beer bellies permanently.

If you’ve tried  countless times to trim your tummy, don’t despair. The hard work and persistence are well worth the effort.


Beer bellies or  abdominal fat has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and increased risks of some cancers.

What is an abdominal punch? It’s the unseen fat around vital internal organs such as the intestines and liver.

The experts tell us that If we fall into this category, here are the best ways to make our next tummy-flattening campaign a success:

*Eat less fat.

*cut calories

*Find the diet and exercise combination that works best for you.

Dieters who regain weight usually think flattening their tummies means giving  up all their favourite fattening foods.

*If you decide to enjoy yourself with your favourite foods do so in moderation.


Any woman who has ever dieted with her mate knows that men lose their potbellies faster, Marc Smith’s wife Lisa, resolved to diet with him to flatten her own stomach. As the weeks went by her six foot three inch husband dropped inch after inch from his waist while Lisa four foot eleven saw her middle barely budge. Why do men seem to lose abdominal fat much more easily than women?

For one thing men have more muscle and other non-fat tissue, which burns fat even when they are asleep.

If two people weigh the same, the taller one, having more lean body mass will lose more rapidly.


Most of us make grand resolution when we decide to flatten our tummies. Winners usually accomplish their goals with many small victories.

They may start exercising by just walking around the block after dinner. Or they may skip butter on their pancakes. By taking small, sustainable steps, they don’t create hurdles they can’t clear.

One good way to begin is to eliminate one or two fatty foods. At lunch for example choose a turkey sandwich over tuna salad; in the bakery chose a bagel over a croissant.

Another small but crucial change: watch  less Television. When you sit  inactively before the tube, your metabolism can drop to its minimum resting rate. What is more, TV constantly tempts you with ads for fatty foods.


Why can you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables without gaining weight? Because before you eat enough  to get fat, you’re  stuffed. Most fruit and vegetables consist mainly of water with a comparatively small percentage of carbohydrates. A gram of carbohydrates contains only four calories whereas a gram of fat contains nine. This means that you can have at least a pound of green beans for every ounce of butter – about 200 calories – you consume.


Some experts believe that as you lose your belly, you may also be losing your taste for fat.


To get rid of that fat stomach bulge  you must burn energy. Exercise consistently – not harder but consistently.

While you may lose weight without exercise you won’t maintain your loss unless you get moving at least three times a week.

You only have to burn 300 calories more than you consume each day to lose up to 30 pounds in a year and it doesn’t matter whether you jog or weed the garden.

Aerobic or swimming burn fat fastest. But exercises that build  muscle, like weight lifting make you burn calories even while you’re asleep. Like most weight loss winners find the mix that is right for you.


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